Quick doodle for Shidu-san’s birthday! but i guess i’m late again orz

Anonymous said: You should have a tutorial tag because those tutorials on the hands and feet have been reaaaallllyyyy helpful -K

Aah thank you! I’m surprised to see that they could help! :”> And actually they do have a tag here! :D

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Anonymous said: Hi just wanted to say that your drawings really makes my day :)

Thanks! Glad to hear that! :D

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Anonymous said: Omg your drawings are so adorable and perfect, please never stop drawing! I love your style♥

That’s so nice of you! Thank you for liking my art! ♥♥♥

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Anonymous said: Tell me more about how to draw these things we call 'feet' :c

Ah hello! yousureyou’remessagingtherightpersonbecause I don’t really draw feet well myself, but this is what I usually do~

It all lies in the basic shapes I think!

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Started watching Haikyuu!! This show’s really good! xD