Hehe 〜( ̄▽ ̄〜)

[Edit: Reupload a better-looking version! :D]


Hehe 〜( ̄▽ ̄〜)

[Edit: Reupload a better-looking version! :D]

Anonymous said: You should draw forever and ever and like never stop because i love you

Aaah thank you! I don’t intend to stop drawing anytime soon so! Thanks for your support!! *pulls you into a hug*

Anonymous said: Do you have an Instagram? I saw someone post one of your drawings and I was wondering if it was you

Hello, I do have an Instagram but it’s private! :D

Other than that, I don’t have any other public account for posting my drawings (like, I’m not on deviantArt or Pixiv or anywhere else like that), so if you see them there then it’s not me!

Anonymous said: Hi! I was wondering, how do you do the shading in your drawings? Do you use another point for the mechanical pencil or do you use other kinds of pencils? (Btw, your mech. pencil looks like mine, except mine's blue :3)

Hi! I just use that one mechanical pencil! For shading, I just hatch lines, and sometimes smudge! It’s kinda like this

It’s as simple as that! :D
And yay, high five for the same mech pencil! xD

Anonymous said: Did you do digital art too?

Yes, but I’m terrible at that and don’t seem to make any progress… I prefer to stick to traditional art for now! :D

Anonymous said: that wire man is fabulous

Thanks! He’ll be happy to hear that! xD

Anonymous said: Your Mekakucity Actors drawing was adorable

Thank you! :”>

Mother, daughter, sisters

Anonymous said: thanks for suggestions for the question about poses and such-- I'm wondering how lame this stick figure looks ' ^ '? and how to make a super fabulous one from wire ;;slapped

You’re welcome! :D

Ah you mean my wire man? Well here it is..

Um actually I didn’t know I just kinda.. wrapped the wire around.. at whim so it’s not stable at all lol But at least I still can bend it around just fine haha.. I suggest you search ‘how to make a wire man’ on Google, I’m sure there are lots of good guides out there! :D

Anonymous said: I A D O R E YOUR ART STYLE

Thank you! :”>